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An entertaining tale that provides a wide variety of troubles for its protagonist.

I rate it 4 out of 4 stars and recommend it for motorcycle enthusiasts and fans of travel stories.

by Wayne Littrell


After his brother dies, Sam Forest is traumatized when the cremation goes horribly wrong—but the bad times have only just begun. Without knowing why two professional killers are after him, Sam saves his cousins from certain torture and death in a staged home invasion. When others involved are murdered in heinous ways, Sam is framed.


Innocent and on the run, he is forced to seek refuge with a mysterious road dog’s biker family while the only cop that believes in his innocence is the first detective that questioned him. Unexpectedly, Sam finds love with Betsy, who is soon fighting for her life as Sam and his friends face off against outlaw bikers, serial killers, corrupt lawmen, and a secret smuggling organization that will do anything to protect itself from discovery.


All seems hopeless as Sam and his brothers-of-the-wind mix with old-school bikers, moonshiners, pot growers, and ruthless killers while chasing leads across the southeast. Together, they must risk all to prove Sam’s innocence by finding the actual killers and uncovering their deadly secrets and motives.


in Print and ebook versions


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Someone asked me recently, what exactly does it mean when I say “Enjoy the Ride”?

Easy question until you think deeply about it. How do I enjoy the ride the most? 

Safely and defensively. 

When I’m assured that I have done all I can both physically and mentally to ensure that I and others arrive at our destinations in the same condition that we left, I can focus on the ride and enjoy it, putting worries aside for later. 

They do tend to blow away in the wind.

Wayne Littrell - Safety Advocate - Author  


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