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Like a snowball down hill

This was a great read. Two-thirds of the way through the novel it is rolling down the hill with fierce intensity and I didn't want to put the book down. I look forward to reading more by this author. Kickstands up!

After saving family members from hit men, a writer and motorcyclist finds himself on the run and wanted for murder in Littrell’s (Lone Wolf’s Run, 2014, etc.) thriller.

Sam Forest, who writes travel stories for a biker magazine, is devastated by the news that his younger brother, Dave, has suffered a fatal heart attack. Sam stays with his cousin, Sue, in North Carolina while making funeral arrangements. Later, he’s horrified when the funeral home botches the cremation. When he returns to Sue’s house, he finds that two gunmen are threatening her and her husband; fortunately, he has a Glock and gets the drop on the intruders and kills them. It appears that the assassins were looking for him, although he doesn’t know why. Later, the funeral home becomes the site of arson and murder, and Sam becomes the police’s primary suspect. He manages to evade authorities, helped by a fellow biker named Boudin, whom he recently befriended. Sam may be able to prove his innocence with help from his pal and his biker family, as well as from Detective Vick Summers, the only cop in town who doesn’t think that he’s a vicious killer. But he and those close to him, including a new love interest, Betsy, soon find themselves targeted by an outlaw motorcycle club and pitiless smugglers. Littrell’s novel maintains a consistent pace, due to a slew of villains who keep Sam on the run, including corrupt law enforcement officers; the rogues’ gallery’s highlights include an enigmatic figure named Mr. B and an evil motorcycle gang leader named Slash. The latter’s unmitigated cruelty while torturing one victim establishes him as the main antagonist, and he has a significant part in the action-packed final act. The author is at his best, however, when describing scenes of bikers riding, such as Sam in the Appalachian Mountains: “The trees growing on the steep mountain slopes around him cast deep shadows as they filtered out the remaining light from the sky above.” The ending leaves open the possibility for a sequel, although the book reads well as a stand-alone.

An entertaining tale that provides a wide variety of troubles for its protagonist.

Flames, by Wayne Littrell, is a motorcycle adventure novel. Sam Forest is a writer, who writes for fun. He buys a cruiser motorbike, and since he wants to write a book, he begins to travel for research. As luck would have it, a biker magazine employs him to write travel stories. Later on, Sam's brother dies, and the funeral procedure goes wrong, and all of a sudden, Sam becomes the target of a crime syndicate. After failing in their attempt to eliminate him, the Mob frames him. Now, he is a wanted man. In the meantime, while on a motorcycle ride, Sam meets Boudin, who later becomes his road dog. Being supported by Boudin and his clan members, will Sam be able to bring down the syndicate and exonerate himself?

Involving cops and veterans, this story gives insight into the biker lifestyle, and it includes a cremation process, fistfights, knife fights, gun battles, arson, and the chase of outlaw bikers. It exhibits several motorcycle brands. Moreover, it's well written, and the writing flows smoothly. It consists of a fast-paced and fascinating plot. Since it features the cultivation, selling and smoking of cannabis, I advise non-smoking teenagers to steer clear of it. You'll see high-octane action scenes that can keep you on your toes. There are a lot of bloody scenes, and if you don't read books with graphic violence, this read is not for you.

I commend the author for his ability to write entertaining scenes with intense suspense and a comedic tone. He was quite successful in creating a vivid bikers' world for a reader to inhabit. Indeed, his narration proves that motorcyclists are never tied down; they are always in a state of departure or arrival. During his journey to save his life and get back his freedom, Sam meets and falls in love with a female biker, who is a widow. Though the author narrates it superficially, the romance aspect is decent and realistic.

After the narration, there is a glossary that explains the biker terms used. Afterward, you'll see some defensive riding tips to help you stay safe when riding. Some photographs were included in the book, but I couldn't identify the motorcyclists shown. The author should have added captions to the pictures. The characters were described in an interesting manner. Wayne provided sufficient background, personality, and physical details for both the major and minor personae, and that made it easy for me to relate to them. Most of the characters are loyal, fearless, tough-minded, and always ready to fight. They are friendly, but they hate it when someone messes with them. Since the text was professionally proofread, I saw just one typo.

Overall, the narrative is intriguing, entertaining, and enlightening. In order to show readers some safe riding habits, the author provided an engaging tale. Thus, I rate it 4 out of 4 stars and recommend it for motorcycle enthusiasts and fans of travel stories.

Rosemary Wright

official review

Flames- a page-turner of motocycle action and suspense!

I just finished this book- and could not put it down! Motorcycles, adventure, murder, and shoot-outs are all present in Mr. Littrell's latest novel. Add in some motorcycle safety tips, a healthy dose of intrigue, and leather-clad biker babes, and you get a thrilling, page-turner novel. I have read several of his books over the years, and enjoyed this one even more than the rest. His characters and story line are expertly woven into actual rides and back roads that many riders will be familiar with across the southeast. This book will leave you wanting more by this incredible author!

This author's first 2 books were really great, and I've been waiting on his newest one to be released. I like Wayne's style of writing, and the characters and plot line has not disappointed! Crisp, clean prose with a twist or two I didn't see coming. As an avid reader, I always look for novels that entertain and also educate, and this one packs a punch. Put this on your must-read list!


I enjoyed the fast pace of the book which starts at the beginning (which is a very dramatic cremation scene) and continues throughout the whole bookmaking this book exciting, eventful, and puts you right in the scene. I gave up riding more than 10 years ago, and this book put me back in the saddle of the Indian I used to ride. It was a page-turner for me.


posted on Amazon

This book was the best of the three books written by Wayne. It is very entertaining, very intriguing and you’d on the edge of your seat with each passing page. There are a number of stories within the story and each story line leads to an eventual ending that no one sees coming. I would suggest that anyone who loves motorcycles and mysteries, go and immediately purchase this book!

Jim Johnson

Really enjoyed riding the back roads again with Wayne through his latest book, Flames. After reading is his first two books I was anticipating another and he did not disappoint. As with his first two books I had a hard time putting the book down as I followed his characters throughout the southeast on roads I ride myself. Enjoyed getting ideas of future destinations and riding tips dispersed throughout the book. Thanks Wayne for another good read and I hope to pass you on the roads soon.

Billy Floyd

on Amazon

Wayne Littrell is on fire with his new book Flames.

After reading the first two books I’ve been waiting sometimes impatiently for his third book. Man was it worth the wait. If you enjoy great story telling with the perfect amount of suspense and surprises along the way. Then this is the book for you. Highly recommend all of Wayne’s three books for anyone who loves to ride or just loves a good book.

Amazon Customer

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about the lone wolf series

Littrell’s first-rate thriller’s full-throttle pace leaves minor plot points and characters in the dust, but most readers will enjoy the ride nonetheless.

Kirkus Indie Reviews

THE LONE WOLF MURDERS by Wayne Littrell is a great book for fans of thrillers. The biker aspect makes this story unique and especially enjoyable.

The story itself is compelling and written with skill. The author makes you part of the characters' lives while offering an intriguing mystery. I like the ending.

All in all, I think this is a novel that will find a readership who will remain loyal to this author well into the future.

Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

Lone Wolf’s Run put me on my motorcycle and took me on a tour that had me stopping only for fuel. Strange the experience that teaches one to value riding safety while witnessing unexpected mayhem in the riding community. I know this guy John Trotter and I know many of his friends. And, they know Blondie, the power of destruction who makes you question the sanity of what we call real. Well, I’m still going to ride to places that, until now, were secrete sanctuaries. This sequel to The Lone Wolf Murders has kindled the heartfire to ride! 

Larry Lindsey, Dixie ABATE Legislative Director, MSF Rider/Coach

I bought both books in the Lone Wolf series as a gift for my husband. He is not really a biker, but loves to read anything about motorcycles and rides. Loves the concept of the open road. Since I had the books a few months early, I took advantage and read them myself. At first because I wanted to be able to talk about the books with my husband. But after reading, I would have to say I really enjoyed both. My favorite is the first in the series. If you like mysteries and nature I highly recommend. Both are easy reads and pure fun!

Betsy Silverstein

If you're a biker or not and like Murder mysteries, Then you will love this book. First need to read : "The Lone Wolf Murders" , than story cont. in " Lone Wolf Run". Trust me you won't want to put them down. Has actual great riding routes, rallies, etc. and also some biker safety tips in "Lone Wolf Run". I met Wayne Littrell (Wolf) at my first awareness event. He was so kind to donate a % of book sells for my cause, which forever grateful. "The Lone Wolf Murder will hook ya from the start and leaving you wanting to get the 2nd: "Lone Wolfs Run" to see what happens next. I can't say enough about these two books and Wolf. I give him 5 stars on both novels and so blessed to have him has a friend. If not read, you can get ordering info from Wayne Littrell. You want be disappointed. Plus finds some great bike rallies , routes from NC all the way to Alabama. A must read!!!  :)


I read Lone Wolf's Run and could not put it down.

William Lindsey

Just wanted you to know that I finished the first book and really enjoyed it. I'll be looking for you down the road to pick up the others.

Larry Murray

I enjoyed the book immensely, it was quite a yarn.

Sam Wilkes

Lone Wolf Murders is awesome...had a hard time to put it down..until I finished reading it.....

Herb Magee

You don't have to be a biker to love Wayne's books. I read them and I was turning pages as fast as I could read. He tells a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And he gives safety tips which is a bonus.

Joy Redmond

Awesome book for all you bikers out there and those that are not as well. Please check the author: Wayne Littrell !!! Love the first novel "The Lone Wolf Murders" & the sequel, "Lone Wolf's Run". They both will keep you wanting to read more and never wanting to put either book down. Full of real biker tails in several states. Have both The Lone Wolf Murders & Lone Wolf's Run, and love them both. :)

Sunshine Matthews

Just finished the book and it was the best i have read in years thanks for the quiet time

Brookeline Barber

If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, a who dunnit fan, or a Western NC mountains visitor, you'll find something to like about "The Lone Wolf Murders: A Motorcycle Adventure" by Wayne Littrell.

I'm looking forward to the sequel!

Kevin Brock

about 80% through the first and I already bought the second! If you are looking for a cool murder romp on bikes I would recommend it!

V Lucien Maier

Can't wait til the next!!

Monica Hilton Jones

I received your new book this weekend and love it. Well done,....twice. Highly recommended.

Steve Thornton

This is another great story from Wayne Littrell. Motorcycles, Murder, Mayhem, and Depravity. It doesn't get much better.....

Louis Garou

sooo TOTALLY HOOKED!! The first line - the first page... this book sets the stage for a wild ride..

Terry Willett

It is wonderful to find a book where you ALMOST can't wait to get to the end to see if the bad guys/gals get their due! It was all I could do to not peak ahead to see how it ends but I would never spoil the surprise! This is a page turner that you can envision riding along with the main character Wolf.  It is a must read!!

If you read his first book The Lone Wolf Murders, you will want this one to see what happened to Blondie! The characters are brought to life on the pages of this fast paced book. From the first chapter to the end of the tale, I was constantly amazed. More than once I said aloud, "I did not see that coming!"    

If you didn't get the first book, you should! Both books take you for a ride through some of the most scenic places on the east coast and mountains. You will be sure to want to find some of these locations for yourself and experience the majestic vision that Wayne Littrell paints for you.

I personally will take the book along as a travel reference so I do not miss any of the places he spins his tales about.     

Anyone that rides, knows someone that rides or you have always wanted to ride, this book is for you! The book is a thriller that you will not be able to put down.  Keep the books coming Wayne Littrell! You are an artist with words!   

Terri Collins

Well, I hope you're happy.  Since meeting you at church, I downloaded your first book for my Nook reader and I have been staying up too late every night reading!  I'm a fast reader so I will soon be ready for the next I am sure.  It is fun to see local places and the church in the book.  I have a friend who had dated a biker or two and told me about some of the locations mentioned.  And you are even in our local Alabaster library.  Congrats!

Valya Mobley

I read both of your books within the week of getting them.  Just taken this long to get back to you.   I enjoyed them both and when reading especially liked the descriptions of the riding and the locations.  Next best thing to riding is reading about riding.  I may need some practicing before trying to duplicate your travels as many of the roads travelled by your characters were gravel.  My favorite of the 2 was the second book, Lone Wolf’s Run.  Thought the story was a little deeper.  Maybe because kind of knew the characters.  Anyway, looking forward to your 3rd book.

Tim Butler

Really enjoyed the book. My husband picked me up a signed copy from Mr. Littrell at one of the rallys he writes about in the book. An easy and fun read. Great depiction of the biker culture. Whenever a friend is in need WE RALLY! Great suspense. Keep up the good writing and KEEP RIDING!

Kindle Reader

What a great read! I was hooked after the first chapter and it just got better with each turn of the page. It was great reading about rallies I have been to as well as roads that I have traveled. I recommend this book to everyone that enjoys a great cat and mouse mystery game! Can't wait to read the sequel.


I love the book. Each break at work, I can't wait to read more. When does the next book come out?

Rebecca Nostrant

We ordered this book after a suggestion from a friend. The reading was easy and comfortable. The very first chapter hooked us and Julien read the book in 2 days. He has'nt read a book for leisure in 30 years. The subject matter being of a culture we have had little or no experience with (bikers) was surprisingly exciting and entertaining. Patiently awaiting the sequel.

Terry and Julian Johnson

Very good book, easy read, can't put it down, waiting for the sequel to come out. I have a signed copy of the book in paperback by Wayne. Wanted a copy for my kindle, great buy

R Buttars

I enjoyed reading this book immensely! As a biker, it was dead on about riding. I'm just a little concerned about Wolf! When does the next one come out?

D Cail

Met Wayne at a local campground in the Smokies. He was kind enough to sign a copy for me. Once I started reading it couldn't put it down. We have riden lots of these roads in recent years so it was great recognizing lots of the places in the book. And great to find some new roads for next ride. The book was entertaining and a must read for thriller/mystery readers! Thanks Wayne for such an entertaining read. loved it!


I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an easy read. Hoping for another book from Wayne very soon.

Yvonne Morello

This book had me from the first sentence! A wild ride from the very start. I found it hard to put down so many twists and turns.

Terry Willett

Lone Wolf’s Run is a great read. It is a wild ride through interesting places you can visit when you plan trips through the southeastern part of the USA. It has great safety tips for bikers, but folks that drive “cages” will find them helpful as well. And, what an ending!

Mary Griffin

This was a thoroughly enjoyable story that got right into the action without a long build-up. Once the story got going, it flowed smoothly and was always easy to sink into like a comfortable couch. It also never failed to make me want to ride. My battery was so bad that I'd have to charge it the night before I wanted to ride. Shortly after I started reading this, I was compelled to go out and get a new battery so I could ride after after each time I read more. Now I hate that winter is coming up and my bike will be out of commission due to snow and ice. 

I want to ride, and I want to read the sequel! I look forward to seeing what happens with Wolf and what other trouble he can get himself into. I'd say more, but I never want to spoil any story elements for new readers.

I recommend this book to everyone who likes murder mysteries, and especially to everyone who rides.

Edward Wolfe

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