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Enjoy your ride - defensively!



Wayne Littrell has dozens of motorcycle travel stories published in Southlands Full Throttle Magazine and Thunder Roads-Alabama magazine about riding in TN, NC, SC, GA, MO, FL, and AR, along with three travel-based biker adventure novels. After witnessing several tragic—and preventable—motorcycle accidents, his thrillers encourage readers to explore backroad settings and include defensive and common-sense riding tips for bikers while fostering motorcyclist awareness by readers.


Originally from North Carolina, he lived in Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama where he lived for a dozen years raising a daughter and a son. When she graduated college and he joined the Army, Wayne retired from the corporate world to do what he loves most—riding and writing about it.

He now lives near Savannah where he continues to write motorcycle travel stories and is working on his next book. And of course, he continues to ride his motorcycle on the backroads of the U.S. doing research for his writing.


“You should take your stories and make a travel guide for bikers,” said the biker at the fire ring at a party/rally at Riders’ Roost, a biker-only campground.

After a long minute of pondering, I responded. “That sounds boring, I believe I can do better than that, maybe a storybook with a travel theme.”

“I challenge you to bring back the first chapter to next year’s party.”

That was in 2012 at the Riders’ Roost anniversary party. Up until that time, I had written travel stories and abundant material for the corporate world.

I took the challenge and brought back a manuscript for my first novel, The Lone Wolf Murders, A Motorcycle Adventure, published in 2013.

And so, my concept of novels that not only entertain with a thrilling story, but encourage travel by motorcycle to real cool, unique destinations and backroads was born. Thanks to input from readers, I added maps and a glossary. Then, after a huge, beer-bellied biker came up and hugged me saying something the main character did in my first book saved his butt on the road, I added defensive riding tips with the help of several motorcycle organizations. A few readers mentioned pictures, so I added some in my latest novel, Flames. After all, my characters are inspired by those I meet on the road, while the story itself is guided by things that happen to me and others along the backroads. It is important to note—the murders are fictitious!


My novels have a brief glossary of common terms used by those that experience the road from a motorcycle’s saddle. They also include a directory of book settings and a map. Most importantly, there is a short list of defensive riding tips and best practices, most of them illustrated in this story of those that not only ride, but live for the experience and freedom that riding on two (or three) wheels brings.

I do my best to entertain readers that ride or encounter motorcyclists on the road with a tale that will encourage them to explore frequently overlooked backroad settings while planting motorcycle safety and awareness seeds in their minds by instilling the habit of using the premise, “What if—?”.  The same premise can be used anytime and anywhere by anyone thinking ahead about the potential outcomes of their actions—Be prepared for it!

I try to be conservative with the dialog used by the characters. However, my stories feature bikers, veterans, and cops, so I do have to be realistic. These characters are fictitious as is the story, but they are inspired by the people, places, and events that I and others experience along the way to the story’s conclusion. I believe that fate, Karma, and/or a Divine spirit play an important part in the experiences I have when writing.

If one accident is avoided due to the story, I feel the book is successful. If a vehicle operator looks twice and avoids crossing the path of another, the book did its job. If the reader shares a thought or tip with another with the desire to help them avoid a mishap—I am ecstatic! Enough said.

Enjoy your ride—Safely and defensively!

W. L.

About my novels

Novel Summaries


The Lone Wolf Murders

A Motorcycle Adventure

The Lone Wolf Murders is a thrilling motorcycle adventure imbedded with everyday biker insight, humor, and tips with actual southeastern ride routes, places, and characters woven into a murder story. This is a realistic tale of a lone wolf biker that is faced with an impossible dilemma when he witnesses the murder of a local, prominent political figure by a pair of assassins he knows are bikers. These cold, ruthless, serial killers are bikers that even “one-percenters” shun. John Trotter, aka Wolf, is a typical, working class daily rider torn between his love of family, friends, and the freedom of the road. The biker code he lives by is challenged by his conscience to do the right thing. He calls on his biker brothers for assistance as other bikers start to die in mysterious accidents. The intensity is turned up when Wolf is forced on a long ride to hell and back. The characters, scenes, routes, and rallies are based on actual bikers, places, and events that took place when the author rode the story, minus the murders, of course. The story was guided by coincidence, karma, and totems to the scenes described. Biker humor, chases, crashes, and biker tips are woven into the story. The characters are believable, everyday bikers from all walks of life, unlike the image frequently portrayed to the public. The journey Wolf and his biker brothers take is enriched by rides to rallies and places across the southeastern U.S. taking routes frequented by bikers. The book can be used as a guide for rides to fully experience the story while exploring the area.


Lone wolf's run

When a vicious serial-killer comes looking for John 'Wolf' Trotter and his biker brothers, she has more than torture and death in mind. This time, she's backed up by a well-trained paramilitary band of disciples fueled by their own hatred. Wolf, a writer named for his passion for riding the back roads as a lone-wolf biker, has a troubled past. It started when he and his friends brought a killer for hire's career to a sudden end. Blondie, the dead assassin's unique and illusive partner, has devised a plan that will destroy the fragile trust among motorcycle clubs, the police, and the public that has taken decades to build. When Wolf and his buddies try to lure this devious chameleon out, bodies begin to pile up in apparently unrelated incidents. While the authorities spin their wheels, Wolf and his brothers devise their own risky plan. Will it derail the growing national threat before it sparks a bloody conflict that could be impossible to stop and almost certain to get them killed? Delivering more than just suspense and excitement, Lone Wolf's Run is an innovative hybrid thriller that skillfully incorporates safety advice and actual unique destinations into the plot-map included.



After his brother dies, Sam Forest is traumatized when the cremation goes horribly wrong—but the bad times have only just begun. Without knowing why two professional killers are after him, Sam saves his cousins from certain torture and death in a staged home invasion. When others involved are murdered in heinous ways, Sam is framed.

Innocent and on the run, he is forced to seek refuge with a mysterious road dog’s biker family while the only cop that believes in his innocence is the first detective that questioned him. Unexpectedly, Sam finds love with Betsy, who is soon fighting for her life as Sam and his friends face off against outlaw bikers, serial killers, corrupt lawmen, and a secret smuggling organization that will do anything to protect itself from discovery.

All seems hopeless as Sam and his brothers-of-the-wind mix with old-school bikers, moonshiners, pot growers, and ruthless killers while chasing leads across the southeast. Together, they must risk all to prove Sam’s innocence by finding the actual killers and uncovering their deadly secrets and motives.

Novel Summaries


The Lone Wolf Murders

A Motorcycle Adventure

Wayne Littrell on ABC 3340 morning show, "Talk Of Alabama" to discuss his book, The Lone Wolf Murders - A Motorcycle Adventure, and his passion as a safety advocate.

Lone Wolf's Run

Wayne Littrell returns to ABC 33/40 to premiere his now book the sequel, Lone Wolf's Run.

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