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Batwing- A type of motorcycle fairing; resembles the outline of a bat 
Brainstorm- Idea generating activity others. Sometimes enhanced with cannabis.
Cage- Any vehicle with more than 3 wheels. 
Cager- A person that only drives cages
Colors- Insignia or patch worn on a MC member’s vest to identify membership
CRS- Acronym for “can’t remember shit” 
Cruiser- Typically, a V-twin motorcycle designed for riding long distances
Dual-purpose bike- Street legal bike designed to go off-road 
Enforcer- MC patch-holder that serves the president, can be called a Warlord
Flat-landers- People that live in flat, low-lying areas
Full-bagger- Bike with fairing and built in hard bags for carrying gear 
Glock- A brand of handgun
GWRRA- Gold Wing Road Rider Association
Hang around-  Biker that is allowed to ride and interact with a MC while learning
High-side- A fall where the rider is thrown off the bike towards the outside of the curve- the most dangerous type of fall- bike often collides with rider
Iron horse- Motorcycle
Lid, skid lid, brain bucket- Motorcycle helmet
Lone Wolf- A biker that prefers to ride alone; not a member of any MC or group.
Low-side- A fall typically induced by a loss of traction where bike and rider slide
MC- Motorcycle club, members are referred to as patch-holders or family 
Nomad- An independent MC member not attached to a particular club chapter
One-percenters- Members of outlaw motorcycle clubs
Prospect, probate, probie- A prospective member of a MC earning a patch
Rice-burner – Asian/Japanese built bike 
Scoot, scooter- Slang terms for a motorcycle
Thespian- Actor
Twisties- A series of curves on two lane blacktop road
Urbania- The residential areas where most people live around cities
V-twin- 2 cylinder motorcycle engine where the cylinders are arranged in a ‘V’ configuration
Winger- Rides a Honda Gold Wing or member of the GWRRA


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