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Wayne Littrell’s novel, Flames

For Immediate Release

Moonshiners Face Off Against Smugglers, Murderers, and Outlaw Bikers

SAVANNAH, Ga., January 29, 2018 — Once again, author Wayne Littrell blends his motorcycle travel stories with fiction in his new novel, ‘Flames’ (published by Abbott Press) a thriller that takes readers on a wild ride through the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee and then into the Ozarks.

This creative tale begins with a tragedy that quickly moves on to heroic actions by the main character, Sam Forest, when he saves his cousins from torture and death. Unfortunately for Sam, his troubles have just begun when he is forced on the run from gangsters and the police.

Only his closest brothers-of-the-wind are willing to seek the truth as they band together to face off against a secret smuggling organization backed by hired killers, corrupt lawmen, and an outlaw motorcycle club.

“I believe readers will fall in love with the family of moonshiners and pot growers that become unlikely heroes in this story. And then there’s romance with Betsy, an inspiring rider who captures Sam’s heart and then puts herself in mortal danger to protect him,” said Littrell.

“My goal was to write a thrilling story full of chases and excitement with unique settings readers can go to while enjoying their rides safely and defensively,” he says. “This book was inspired by rides and events that took place in the Southeast. And like my other books, I include a map with a directory of the settings along with riding tips inspired by several motorcycle organizations dedicated to rider safety and training,”.

We believe he has met his goal with ‘Flames’.

The Lone Wolf Murders

ALABASTER, Ala. – Blending truth and fiction, author Wayne Littrell’s new book “The Lone Wolf Murders: A Motorcycle Adventure” (published by Abbott Press) takes readers on an exhilarating voyage through some of the Southeast’s best biker hideouts.

“The hideouts … are actual places a reader can travel to and stay at, complete with a map and addresses,” Littrell says. “Bikers come from diverse backgrounds and form strong bonds to help each other while supporting charity and principles. They share a passion for riding and exploring on their bikes.”

The book’s story revolves around part-time writer Wolf, whose close friends – a police detective, a bike-tech, a pest-control expert and a “lone wolf” rider with a secret past – are all bikers.

After Wolf witnesses the murder of a politician by a pair of cruel serial killers he knows are bikers, he is blamed and forced on the run. His biker brothers help him find safe places and routes while trying to stay alive and prove his innocence — along the back roads from Ala. to Tenn. to Fla. to N.C.

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