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Lone Wolf's Run

Lone Wolf's Run

When a vicious serial-killer comes looking for John ‘Wolf’ Trotter and his biker brothers, she has more than torture and death in mind for the group and those close to them. This time, she has a well-trained paramilitary band of disciples fueled by their own hatred to back her up.


Wolf, a writer with a passion for riding the back-roads as a lone wolf biker, has a troubled past that started when he and his friends brought a killer for hire’s career to a sudden end. Blondie, the dead assassin’s unique and illusive partner, has devised a plan that will destroy the fragile trust among motorcycle clubs, the police, and the public that has taken decades to build.


When Wolf and his buddies try to lure this devious chameleon out into the open, the bodies begin to pile up in apparently unrelated incidents. While the authorities spin their wheels, Wolf and his brothers devise a risky plan of their own to end the growing national threat before it sparks a deadly conflict that will be impossible to stop and is certain to get them all killed.


Lone Wolf’s Run is an innovative thriller that delivers more than just suspense and excitement. Safety advice and tips are woven into the story in a way that anyone that operates a motorized vehicle will absorb while discovering unique destinations that most would never find on their own. Maps are included of the settings and scenes where the plot unfolds.

Enjoy the Ride!

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